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A Little About Cristiano

It's always hard talking about ourselves, especially for a shy boy, as I am. This is also why I just recently decided to publish my photos and share them with those who, like you, decide to stopping by a few minutes here.

Salento-based - a region of southern Italy whose photographs fill most of this site along with those of some of my travels - I'm totally self-taught. Photography is my way of relaxing, to stay alone with myself and look around slowly, almost in slow-motion.

Many people ask me why "c21stianophotography". Number 21 has always been my special number, it gives me a feeling of wholeness. So I decided to enclose it in my name.

If you want, you can email me using the "Contact" form, even just to say hello. I reply to you all and it's a pleasure for me to read your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to check out my works, I hope you enjoy it.

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